Supporting Organizations

The Collaboration Prize was created by the Lodestar Foundation, whose mission is to maximize the growth and impact of philanthropy. This mission is fulfilled, in part, by supporting organizations that increase impact and efficiency through working together. In support of this mission, Lodestar created the Collaboration Prize to identify achievements in collaboration as models for inspiration and replication.

The Prize also seeks to build an extensive and comprehensive information base of effective practice models that can be studied and used by academics, nonprofit leaders and grantmakers to inspire and advance their work. As part of this effort, the Collaboration Prize provides models and best practices for the field through the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, a resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofit organizations are working together.

True to the spirit of collaboration, the Lodestar Foundation has partnered with AIM Alliance, the Foundation Center, La Piana Consulting and other foundation and nonprofit leaders to support the 2011 Prize.

The Arizona-Indiana-Michigan (AIM) Alliance

The AIM Alliance is a collaboration comprising The Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation at Arizona State University, The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Grand Valley State University (Michigan). The Alliance assists in promoting and publicizing the Collaboration Prize, reviewing nominations and selecting semifinalists. The AIM Alliance is also involved in creating articles, white papers and research to inform and inspire others in the sector.

La Piana Consulting

Oversight of the Prize process is provided by La Piana Consulting, a national management and consulting firm that offers strategic solutions for nonprofits and foundations. La Piana’s mission is to improve leadership and management practices throughout the sector for greater social impact. La Piana consultants are experienced in helping nonprofits and foundations become stronger and more effective through collaboration.

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a national nonprofit service organization that connects nonprofits and grantmakers to tools, resources and information. The Center’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy. For the 2011 Collaboration Prize, the Center is involved in reviewing and identifying eligible applications, assisting with the selection process and delivering knowledge and best practice models through the Nonprofit Collaboration Database.