Nonprofit Collaboration Database

In addition to identifying and showcasing exceptional nonprofit collaboration efforts, The Collaboration Prize provides models and best practices for the field through the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, a resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofit organizations are working together. 
The database is housed with the Foundation Center, a national nonprofit service organization that connects nonprofits and grantmakers to tools, resources and information. The Center’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy.  

About the Database

The database contains detailed information on 250 collaborations nominated for the 2009 Prize, and will be further expanded to include new collaboration models resulting from the 2011 Prize process, as well as other examples that are not part of The Collaboration Prize project of nonprofits working together. Information is arranged by searchable categories, including ways to collaborate, reasons to collaborate, challenges and outcomes.

Searching the Database

The database has been organized so that you can search for information from a variety of access points. Information (ranging from the location, type, geographic scope, and focus area of a collaboration to its challenges and design of metrics assessing impact) is accessible through the search categories of the database. For example, you can customize your search to find all mergers among arts organizations, or all administrative consolidations in California and Arizona, or only those joint programming collaborations among state-wide environmental organizations that were prompted by high or increasing operating costs.  
The ability to search by multiple criteria, including key words, provides the opportunity to explore the database using factors that are most relevant to your needs.